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Man standing with a photo of reconditioned clutch in Sharp Brake's machine shop

We offer the following clutch repairs or reconditioning services:

>>> Recondition of the clutch kits
(clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing)
>>> Flywheel skimming
>>> Remanufacturing of clutch and pressure plates
>>> Reconditioning of the clutch slave & clutch master cylinders

We offer the following brake reconditioning services:

>>> Disc skimming
Brake dics arer skimmed to correct common brake problems such as : brake shudder, rust, spongy pedal feel or noisy brakes

>>> Drum skimming
Brake drums get warn or uneven during use. Machining them or skimming them can prolong the lifespan of your brake lining by creating a new braking surface

>>> Brake shoe relining
>>> Brake shoe bonding
>>> Wheel Cylinders
>>> Caliper Reconditioning
>>> Brake Pipes
>>> Brake Cables
>>> Brake Springs

Machine shop reconditioning services by Sharp Brake

Industrial Brake and Clutch services:

Produce, repair or reline the following industrial offroad brakes:

>>> Mobile crane brakes
>>> Press brakes
>>> Cone clutches and special shapes
>>> Brake blocks
>>> Friction plates
>>> Gear Cuts
>>> Calipers
>>> Brake Bands – Woven material/Standard brake lining

Industrial machine shop services at Sharp Brake
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