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Air brake systems are mainly used in commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, trailers, and semi-trailers

Air brake systems consist of:

>>> Airbrake compressor
>>> Relay Valves
>>> Air Dryer Valves
>>> Handbrake Valves
>>> Foot Valves
>>> 4 Way protection valves
>>> Air tanks
>>> Load sensing valves
>>> ABS valves
>>> Brake boosters
>>> Brake Chambers
>>> Trailer control valves
and many more

Airbrake Systems offered by Sharp Brake
Airbrake repair services by Sharp Brake

What We Offer

>>> Air brake repairs and fault finding
>>> Reconditioning of Air Brake Equipment
>>> Refurbishing of Complete Air Brake Systems
>>> Supply new Air Brake Equipment
>>> ABS Trailer conversions
>>> Installation of Complete Air Brake Systems
>>> Compressor Overhauls
>>> Sale of valves, fittings and compressors kits
>>> Reconditioned valves, boosters etc

and commercial vehicle brands.

Airbrake services provided by Sharp Brake, click to get a quote