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Industrial Brake & Clutches

We repair, recondition or replace brakes for the following:
>>> Brake Bands Relining
>>> Cement Mixers
>>> Cranes
>>> Conveyor Systems
>>> Dump Trucks
>>> Forklift Brakes
>>> Gear Cuts
>>> Industrial Brake Shoe Relining & Bonding
>>> Industrial Brake Presses
>>> Industrial Laundry Machines
>>> Mining Application – Winches, Bands & Off Road Plant etc
>>> Oil Filled Clutches (Wet Clutch)
>>> Printing and Bottling Machines
>>> Yellow Plant
>>> Woven Lining Applications

We collect and deliver.

Industrial brake's and clutches by Sharp Brake
agriculture brake repairs

Agricultural Brake & Clutch Repairs

Contact us for the following agricultural brake & clutch repairs:
>>> Recondition / Remanufacture or New Tractor Clutch Kits
>>> Air Braking System for Tractors – Repipe or Repair
>>> Brake Linings and Drum Skim for Tractors

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