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Brake Repairs for Commercial Vehicles

At Sharp Brake and Clutch we specialise in the brake repairs for commercial vehicles and truck trailers (heavy duty trailers). We understand that in your transport business vehicles spend a lot of time on the road and you cannot afford downtime due to lengthy brake repair times. Regular brake maintenance reduces your downtime, “saving you TIME saving MONEY” . Take advantage of our 24 years experience and bring your vehicles in for a free brake check.

Comprehensive brake repair services at Sharp Brake
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Fitment Centre

Our fitment centre offers efficient and timeous brake repairs to trucks and  truck trailers. With our in-house services we don’t require outsourcing to get the brake repairs done, thus saving you time and money.

Machine Shop

Our brake and clutch machine shop gives us an advantage over other repair centres including OEM’s truck workshops as we skim, reline and fit brakes on our premises. Most repair centres and OEM’s workshop outsource brake services to brake and clutch machine shops which results in longer repair times and higher costs.

Brake repairs for commercial vehicles at Sharp Brake
Reliable brake repairs for commercial vehicles at Sharp Brake

Why should companies use us:

  • BBBEE level 1
  • Over 24 years experience in the industry
  • 3 – 4 hour turnaround time
  • We keep stock on hand
  • Free pick up and delivery service
  • Service exchange of brake units
  • Knowledgable and helpful sales team
  • Trained staff
  • Personalised service
  • View testimonials from client

Our Service offering includes:

  • Pick up and delivery service
  • Brake drum and shoe service exchange units for most trucks and trailers
  • 3 – 4 hour turn around time (within 15km to 20km from our offices)
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Comprehensive brake repair services for commercial brakes at Sharp Brake

We offer the following brake repairs services:

  • Airbrakes fitted on site
  • Reconditioning of air systems
  • Fitment of truck and trailer brake pads
  • Fitment of truck and trailer brake discs
  • Disc skimming
  • Drum skimming
  • Brake shoe relining
  • Brake bonding
  • Truck and trailer caliper repairs
  • Trailer spares

Truck Trailer Brake Repairs

Our trailer brake repair services include the following:

>>> Airbrake installation and repairs
>>> Service and maintenance of heavy duty commercial trailers
>>> Reconditioning of airbrake components
>>> Trailer foundation brakes (skim, reline and fit)
>>> Trailer spares
>>> Re greasing of trailer wheel bearings
>>> Suzi pipes, electrical suzi’s, male and female couplings
>>> Trailer Airbags
>>> Trailer accessories

Truck and trailer brake repairs for commercial vehicles at Sharp Brake
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