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Passenger Vehicles Brake Repairs

At Sharp Brake and Clutch we specialise in the brake repairs and brake replacement of passenger vehicles, trailers (venter trailers) and light delivery vehicles (LDV). Sharp Brakes has over 24 years experience in the brake repairs and brake replacement industry. It is important to regularly maintain your vehicles brakes for  your safety and to reduce downtime.

You are welcome to bring your vehicles in for a free brake inspection.

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Trailer Brake Repairs

Light Vehicle Trailers also have a braking system that needs to be maintained. At Sharp Brake and Clutch our skilled technicians are trained and able to inspect and repair brakes on light vehicle trailers. 

We offer the following brake repairs services:

>>> Fitment of brake pads
>>> Fitment of brake discs
>>> Disc skimming
>>> Drum skimming
>>> Brake shoe relining
>>> Brake bonding
>>> Wheel Cylinders
>>> Caliper Reconditioning
>>> Brake Pipes
>>> Brake Cables
>>> Brake Springs

If you have your own car repair shop, we also sell a wide selection of brake parts for all vehicles over the counter. So you are welcome to come in to our shop to purchase the brake parts you require.

Trailer brake services provided by Sharp Brake
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Brake Maintenance

Brake Fluid

Over time the brake fluid could become contaminated with dirt or moisture. Contaminated brake fluid can affect the brake seals negatively and it could lead to brake failure. This could be very dangerous for any vehicle. When the brake fluid is contaminated, it is advisable to replace the brake fluid.

Brake Maintenance

Hydraulic Brakes

Worn brake hydraulics should not be ignored. It is very important to check the brake hydraulics regularly because it can avoid costly repairs and brake failure. The brake warning light is usually the first indication that there could be something wrong with the hydraulic braking system. When you see the brake warning light illuminate, come see us immediately. We conduct a full inspection of the hydraulic braking system in order to identify whether there are any problems that need to be attended to. Once the diagnostics are revealed, we are able to perform a holistic brake repair service which guarantees that your vehicles are ready for the road.

Hydraulics services offered by Sharp Brake

Brake Maintenance

Brake Pads and Brake Discs

Brake pads are subject to wear and tear as it is one of the most safety critical parts of the braking system. We supply and fit brake pads for most vehicles. Brake discs also suffer the eventuality of wear and tear. In certain cases it can be skimmed so that you can continue with your journey while in other cases they need to be replaced altogether. We offer disc skimming and brake disc replacement.

Brake Maintenance

Brake Shoes and Brake Drums

We offer the brake shoe bonding and brake drum skimming on all passenger vehicles. All brake shoe and drum parts are available in our store.

We stock a variety of brake shoe springs, adjusters and other brake hardware components.

Brake Maintenance

Wheel Cylinders

The wheel cylinder forms part of the braking system and usually located above the shoes. We supply, recondition and fit the wheel cylinders to most passenger vehicles.

Brake Maintenance

Brake Pipes and Calipers

Brake pipes are quite essential to the proper working of your vehicle’s braking system. The pipes can wear over time and cause leakages that could be detrimental to the proper functioning of the vehicle. We check, replace and fit these brake pipes. Calipers slow the car by means of friction. This is another part that is necessary to bring the vehicle to a stop position.  We supply, fit & repair brake calipers for most passenger vehicles.

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