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Brake and Clutch Machine Shop

Our Brake and Clutch Machine Shop has high quality equipment, combined with our professional team we are able to meet all our clients repair needs timeously.

Our objective is to provide our customers :
>>> Quality workmanship
>>> Quicker turnaround time by holding adequate stock
>>> Our machinery comprise of:
5 heavy duty drum skimming machines
3 light duty skimming machines
2 flywheel skimming machines
3 bonding ovens, including industrial oven

         3 riveting machines
         Light and heavy duty radiusing machines
         and all other equipment required
>>> We are able to provide an efficient turn around time
>>> Our policy is to ensure that work is performed “Right The First Time

We extend an invitation to view or facilities where we can proudly demonstrate the efficiency of our processes and quality of our workmanship.
Lizelle –

In-house machine shop with bowls
Man with clutch skimming services for passenger vehicles.

Why Use Us:

>>> We offer a free pick up and delivery service (within 30km radius)
>>> All work is done in-house in our Machine Shop
>>> We hold stock of a wide range of brake and clutch parts
>>> We supply and fit brake and clutch parts on our premises
>>> You can save time and money due to quick turnaround time (3 – 4 hour turnround time)
>>> Sharp Brake and Clutch is a BBBEE Level 1 contributor
>>> Over 24 years experience in the industry

Brake & Clutch Reconditioning

We offer rebonding and relining of brake shoes for cars, trucks and industrial equipment. 

Advantages of rebonding & relining brake shoes:
>>> Huge cost saving versus buying new brake shoes
>>> Similar life span as new brake shoes
>>> Oversize brake shoe can be bonded or relined to compensate for drum skim or wear

We offer reconditioning of clutches and pressure plates for cars and trucks. 

Advantages of reconditioning of clutch and pressure plate:
>>> Cost saving versus buying new clutch kit
>>> Extend life of your clutch and pressure plate

If you are pressed for time you can consider our already available express service exchange reconditioned brake and clutch parts for quick replacement and less down time per vehicle. Subject to stock availability.

Man using tool to showcasing Sharp Brake's expertise
Man using tool to showcasing Sharp Brake's expertise

Brake & Clutch Cylinder Repairs

We recondition brake and clutch cylinders. 

Repairs to cylinders includes:
>>> Honing
>>> Resleeving
>>> Seals & repair kits
>>> Brake pipes
>>> Pistons and hardware kits
>>> Mineral oil seals

Brake Master Cylinders
It is the heart of the braking system in today’s modern cars and trucks. It is responsible for pushing brake fluid through the brake lines allowing brake pads to make contact with brake discs, also allowing brake shoes to make contact with brake drums which results in stopping of the vehicle.

Clutch Master Cylinder & Clutch Slave Cylinder
By pressing the clutch pedal, brake fluid flows from the clutch master cylinder to the clutch slave cylinder, generating hydraulic pressure which than allows the clutch system to operate.

Pistons within a caliper squeeze the brake pads against the brake disc allowing the vehicle to stop. Over time the seals between the caliper piston and housing wears out resulting in inefficient braking.

Wheel Cylinders
Wheel cylinders are components generally found in a drum brake system. Its primary function is to exert hydraulic pressure from the brake shoe onto the brake drum. Thus allowing the vehicle to slow down or stop.

Air Brake System

Air brakes are used in trucks, buses and trailers. The use of air brake system allows truck and trailer units to be coupled so that an efficient and uniform braking system is achieved. Air brake system uses air to transmit pressure from the drivers control to the three braking systems.

The three air braking systems are:
>>> The service brake
>>> The parking brake
>>> The emergency brake

We supply or repair the following:
>>> Air brake compressors
>>> Truck & trailer calipers
>>> Relay valves
>>> Air dryers
>>> Spring brake boosters
>>> Foot valves
>>> Hand control valves
>>> Trailer control valves
>>> Clutch servos
>>> Unloader valve
>>> Protection Valve
>>> Check valves

We also stock the following accessories & parts for air brakes:
>>> Air Bags
>>> F & J couplings
>>> Adaptors
>>> Bulkheads
>>> Hose joiners
>>> Suzy hoses
>>> Nylon tubing
>>> rubber hoses
>>> Quick couplers
>>> Line connectors
>>> Electrical suzy hoses

Man using tool to showcasing Sharp Brake's expertise