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Clutch Repairs – Commercial Vehicles

At Sharp Brake and Clutch we specialise in the clutch repairs of commercial, industrial and agricultural vehicles. As a truck driver it is very important to use the clutch carefully. Ideally a truck driver should only use the clutch when necessary which is when you pull away from a stop position or when changing gears. Inappropriate usage of the clutch can lead to early wear of the clutch. Replacing all of these parts can be a costly exercise for large vehicles. Rather be prepared and take precaution before it’s too late.

Comprehensive clutch services for commercial vehicles by Sharp Brake
Comparison between used and skimmed clutch for commercial vehicles

We offer the following commercial vehicle clutch repairs services:

>>> Fitment and sales of new and reconditioned clutch kits
>>> Flywheel skimming
>>> Reconditioning of clutch and pressure plates
>>> Release bearings/concentric bearings
>>> Fitment and reconditioning of clutch master, clutch servos and clutch slave cylinders

We sell a wide selection of clutch parts for all trucks and commercial vehicles over the counter.

Our Workshop Has a Quick Turnaround

It is our aim to fit or repair the clutch within the quickest possible time. We have fully equipped in-house workshop that has the required machinery to provide all the clutch services necessary for your trucks and truck trailers. Our qualified technicians are able to quickly identify the problem and repair the clutch on site.

Sharp Brake and Clutch is dedicated to satisfaction of all our customers and strive to deliver the best customer service. It is also our goal to minimise the down time per vehicle and to reduce the cost per kilometre for all commercial vehicles..

Sharp Brake and Clutch is a BBBEE Level 1 contributor


lutch repairs and replacements for commercial vehicles at Sharp Brake
Sharp Brake banner image highlighting clutch services