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Clutch Repairs – Passenger Vehicles

At Sharp Brake and Clutch we specialise in clutch maintenance, clutch repairs and clutch fitment to passenger vehicles.The way you drive and manage your clutch usage determines how often it will require repair or replacement.

Demonstration of clutch failure in a passenger vehicles

Incorrect use or bad driving habits will result in expensive repair or replacement of your clutch. Below are common causes for premature clutch wear or failure :

>>> Incorrect clutch control on take off
>>> Riding the Clutch (foot resting on clutch)
>>> In appropriate gear selection

Common symptoms you may experience that are indicative of a clutch problem:

>>> Shudder
>>> Noise
>>> Slipping
>>> Drag
>>> No Drive

At Sharp Brake our clutch fitment has a manufacturers guarantee of 12 months. Terms & conditions apply 

Other components can be damaged due to incorrect clutch usage such as:

>>> Flywheel
>>> Release Bearing

We offer the following clutch repair services:

>>> Fitment of the clutch kits
(clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing)
>>> Flywheel skimming
>>> Reconditioning of clutch and pressure plates
>>> Dual mass fly wheels
>>> Concentric slave cylinders
>>> Reconditioning of the clutch slave & clutch master cylinders
>>> Repair or replace clutch cables

If you’re mechanic or workshop, we sell and recondition a wide selection of clutch parts for all vehicles

Is your clutch reacting differently?

It is important to take note of any changes to your clutch such as if you hear anything unusual when you push in the clutch or you feel that the clutch is too hard or too soft. These are indications that you should have the clutch checked. Any unusual function is an early warning of clutch problems. At this stage you should bring the vehicle to us to inspect the clutch system and advise you of the steps to take.

We diagnose possible reasons for your clutch failure and advise upon appropriate repairs or replacement of clutch parts.

We are an approved stockist and reseller of Luk Clutches, Valeo Clutches and Sachs Clutches.

Sharp Brake and Clutch is dedicated to satisfy of all our customers and strive to deliver the best customer service.