In the realm of automotive ownership, warranties serve as a beacon of reassurance for both new and used vehicle purchasers. These warranties often include an option for an additional monthly fee to cover maintenance issues not specified in the servicing or manufacturer’s warranty. This is a critical consideration for vehicle owners, as it pertains directly to the maintenance and safety of their vehicles, particularly regarding brake replacement.

Brake Replacement

Vehicle warranties and maintenance plans, while comprehensive, have their stipulations, which might limit the replacement of certain items more than once. However, brakes are often an exception. Under most motor warranties and service plans, brake replacement is covered at specified intervals during the warranty period. This means that if your vehicle is still under warranty, replacing your brakes should incur no expense to you, provided that the work is carried out by an appointed or authorised fitment centre as specified by your warranty provider. This ensures that your warranty remains valid and underscores the importance of adhering to the specified service providers.

On the other hand, if your vehicle is not covered by such a warranty, all maintenance responsibilities fall to you. This scenario affords you the liberty to choose any fitment centre, though it’s advisable to opt for those that are RMI (Retail Motor Industry) approved, registered, and accredited. This ensures that the work done on your vehicle meets certain standards of quality and safety.

For vehicles still under manufacturer warranty, it’s crucial to distinguish between brake issues caused by wear and tear or “normal” factors and those resulting from defects covered by the warranty. If your squealing brakes are due to a defect not related to normal wear and tear, the dealership might address the issue under the manufacturer’s warranty. However, if wear and tear are to blame, the cost of brake replacement will likely fall on you.

When to Have Your Brakes Checked

Knowing when to replace or maintain your brakes is essential for ensuring your vehicle’s safety and longevity. Common reasons for brake replacement include wear and tear, though habits like harsh braking or driving through water, causing sudden cooling of the brakes, can accelerate wear. These situations can lead to warped brake discs, requiring maintenance such as disc skimming.

Regular brake checks are advisable to determine when maintenance is necessary. It is recommended to have your brakes inspected by a professional every six months, though this may vary based on your driving habits and the conditions of the roads you frequent. Taking your vehicle to an accredited dealer, fitment centre, or specialist shop for a brake inspection is a proactive step in vehicle maintenance.


Summary understanding the nuances of your vehicle’s warranty with regard to brake replacement is crucial. While warranties often cover brake replacement, ensuring that the work is done at authorised centres is key to maintaining the warranty’s validity. For those without warranty coverage, choosing a reputable service provider is equally important. Regular checks and maintenance are essential for ensuring that your vehicle remains safe and reliable on the road. Vehicle owners should familiarise themselves with their warranty’s terms and take proactive steps to maintain their vehicle’s brakes, ensuring both safety and compliance with warranty requirements. Get a quote from Sharp Brake.