The Best Brake Fitment Centres in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a big city, and if you’re needed to get new brakes fitted, it can be quite daunting to consider all the options out there. Brake and clutch replacement centers are very competitive all over the province, with most people finding one that works and tending to stick with it over a long period of time. If you’re still looking for “the one”, and desperately need to have new brakes fitted, we’ve done some of the legwork for you already. Today, we’ll explore three of the best brake fitment centres in Johannesburg, which you can reach out to in order to get some quotes and a time estimation for your replacement. Hopefully, it helps to put you on your way!

Don’t Mess With Your Brakes

Surprisingly, and rather shockingly, brake failure is the second most significant mechanical cause of accidents, leading to 11.4% of all accidents on the roads. This happens due to a variety of factors, but mostly, wear and tear from prolonged use, and lack of maintenance. The NRSS has detailed a plan to try and reduce this between now and 2030, but it’s going to require a lot of work and active participation from citizens too. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t mess with the maintenance of your brakes, and have them checked regularly for faults, wear and tear or other failures. 

Astro Brake Repairs & Clutch

Astro Brake is an established brake fitment center, with decades of experience in brake and clutch repairs. They tackle projects with new or old cars, and are relatively flexible when it comes to the services they offer customers. Their guarantee is that they’ll be able to find the right part for any make or model, so you don’t have to worry about having to go elsewhere and leaving empty handed when you reach out to them. Their brakes are fitted while you wait and enjoy a cup of coffee, which is an added bonus in this day and age.

Clutch and Brake Fitment Center

CBF is known for handling all its operations on site, with a view that outsourcing only adds to the precious time of the client. This also allows them to give a full guarantee on all work done, as well as offering a collection/drop off to those living within a fifteen kilometer radius from the workshop. Celebrating 26 years of operation in 2020, CBF has built a reputation for itself as a reliable company with a resourceful team across a multitude of specialist fields. With a focus on client satisfaction, we wouldn’t be surprised if they were still in business a couple of decades from now.

Safety Brake & Clutch

Safety Brake & Clutch are not only renowned in the motor industry, but also caught our eye because of their ongoing specials, which are regularly updated and always in with a great deal for consumers. If you’re looking for pristine workmanship at affordable rates, getting your brakes fitted here is the way to go. They offer a 6 month or 20 000km guarantee against the work they do, effectively putting their money where their mouth is (being mindful of wear and tear, and other factors, of course). Their online booking portal is quick and easy to use, and available for booking even outside of traditional working hours. Now that’s service!