A Closer Look at Monroe Shocks

If you’ve spoken to a technician about replacing your shocks, you may have heard a couple of names being thrown around, including Gabriel and Monroe. These brands are renowned as providers of quality products in the industry, with a long lasting tradition of providing parts to cars of all makes and models. Today, we’ll take a closer look at Monroe shocks as a whole, in particular, taking a look at the features of some of their most prominent models.

About Monroe

Monroe often refers to “The Monroe Advantage” when referring to their products in marketing materials, and considering their history as a high quality provider of brake pads, systems, shocks and other suspension parts, we’re not surprised. Operating in multiple continents around the world, their products are designed by more than ten different centers across the globe. With no signs of slowing down, Monroe looks to continue being a household name in the shocks industry in the 2020’s, creating disruptive products to provide efficient and affordable solutions for the cars of consumers of all walks of life.

The Different Models of Shock Absorbers

We took a closer look at three of their models in particular, namely the 5779 OESpectrum, 58640 Load Adjusting and the Monroe 34690 Gas-Magnum Truck shock absorbers. While each is designed for different use, from light to commercial vehicles, it’s clear that their shocks offer driving precision, the ability to gain good control over your vehicle and a surprising amount of agility. All of these models are equipped with a special hydraulic fluid, which is designed to weather all kinds of conditions, and has been shown as improving overall vehicle performance as well.

Noticeable Pros to Keep in Mind

Monroe shocks offer a host of different pros for you to consider, including larger bores than most, which gives you greater control over your vehicle. The shocks are relatively easy to install, and come with lifetime guarantees too. The 58640 comes with a self lubricating fluid seal, which helps to retain gas without increasing friction. If you’re looking for firm control, a better valving range and an overall more comfortable ride, regardless of the size of your vehicle, these guys are the way to go.

Possible Drawbacks of Consider

Monroe shocks are great for the average consumer, but car enthusiasts may have some points of critique. The shocks are known to be a little soft, especially for the rear end of heavy-duty vehicles. In trucks, for example, this can lead to the rear of the vehicle being slightly higher than usual. Those of us wishing to stiffen up our rides may be disappointed, and are better suited to look elsewhere. 

The Long and Short of It

As a whole, Monroe shocks are affordable, dependable and easy to fit. While enthusiasts may need something a little more advanced, the brand holds up well across a general range of light vehicles, and even comes through or truck and heavy-duty vehicles for the most part. They’ve built a reputation for providing solid shocks in the industry, and it’s clear that they are showing no signs of slowing down as we head into the 2020’s.