Best Brake Pad Replacement Service Options in Johannesburg

When it comes to your safety on the road, it helps to remember that your brakes are a central component to getting you from A to B. Brakes undergo wear and tear from prolonged use, so it is important to have your pads checked and replaced regularly. There are many signs you can keep a lookout for, especially if you stay sharp and use all your senses. It helps to have a trusted and reliable workshop to go to when you need your pads replaced, so we’ve done some digging on your behalf, to give you three of the best options to explore in the greater Johannesburg area. 

Tyres & More

Tyres & More is a relatively well known brand in the Gauteng area, renowned for a philosophy to “tell it like it is”. They made the cut for the list as they have a solid track record of delivering solutions the first time around, rather than having you come back time and time again with a problem with your brakes. What’s particularly interesting about their company profile is a push towards minimising waste, and using products and parts that are environmentally friendlier than some of their counterparts. Their brake component suppliers, including ATE, Ferodo and Safeline, are some of the most renowned providers around the world, complimenting their good service with each replacement.

Supa Quick

A household name you should be familiar with, Supa Quick has been around the block when it comes to brake replacement services. They place a lot of emphasis on brake safety in conjunction with tyre health, so expect for them to take a look at your wheels in conjunction with your brake pads if you’re experiencing wear and tear. Supa Quick is great for regular brake checks and brake pad replacements, especially ahead of traveling to go to another province, like visiting the coast over December. We like the warranties they offer on their parts, which provides an extra layer of peace of mind. With 250 branches across the country, you’ll likely find one right around the corner. 

Safety Brake & Clutch

Safety Brake & Clutch is a company that specialises in brake pad replacement, successfully doing so for the past 25 years. They credit their history in the industry for the ability to provide affordable, reliable and effective brake replacement and other services. When you get to their workshop in Johannesburg, they do an immediate inspection to let you know if you need repair or replacement. Brake discs are thoroughly checked too, just to make sure they get to the heart of the problem. What sets them apart from their competitors, is that their website has a convenient contact form, specifically on the brakes page, where you can detail the problem you’re experiencing, and they’ll get back to you about what the problem may potentially be. Easy peasy!

Regardless of the size or scope of your problem, these three providers will be able to offer you an affordable, timeous and effective brake pad replacement service, with legitimate parts and offering decent guarantees. You’ll be back on the road, ensuring the safety of yourself and your family, before you even know it.