My Brake Pedal Goes to the Floor. What Now?

If you’ve Googled the heading and found this article, we’re both happy and sad for you. Sad, because you’re clearly having a major problem with your car, but happy, because we’ll be able to help you to sort out your problem. If the brake pedal of your car is going directly to the floor when you press it, this can be the result of a couple of things, which we’ll detail for you here. The most important thing to note right now, is that whenever you experience a problem with your car that is related to the brake or clutch systems (crucial to your own safety and that of others), is that it is important not to try and drive the vehicle, to seek expert advice upfront, and to make sure you retain your patience during the process. Let’s take a few deep breaths first, yes. Now that you know this, let’s explore a few common causes that may be linked to your issue.

Common Causes: Brake Pedal Going to the Floor

While there are a range of explanations for the problem, generally technicians find two common causes for this problem, especially in passenger vehicles. First of all, the brake master cylinder, which allows the bypass of fluid within the engine, may have sealed internally. The master cylinder is essentially the “action hub” of the engine, where brake fluid pressure increases over time. A block or a seal means that the cylinder can’t do what it is supposed to, leading to a lack of power, or even a total loss of power. So before you blame your jilted ex lover for “cutting your brakes” (as you would have seen in Hollywood films), be sure to explore this option as a more viable reason for why you may be experiencing these problems.

Another reason, which is slightly more common, is that the brake system is losing pressure as a result of a loss of pressure resulting from a brake fluid leak. The external leak may be coming from a range of places, but a good place to start is the brake line, as well as the brake piston. While the leak is not traditionally dangerous as we would view a gas leak, for instance, it does mean that the system becomes depressurised, ultimately resulting in a loss of power, and compounding the problem.

What To Do If Your Brakes Fail While Driving

If either of these causes have led to your brake pedal going to the floor, and you’re busy reading this, it probably means you managed to get the vehicle to come to a standstill already. It is still worth exploring what to do in a situation where your brakes fail while your driving, which could be the result of either of the causes we outlined, as well as other factors. In this instance, your safety, as well as the safety of others, becomes paramount. The most important thing you can do in this situation, is not to panic. Slowly reduce the speed of the vehicle but going down gear-by-gear (5, 4, 3, 2 then 1), bringing the vehicle to a complete stop in the process. Don’t jump between gears in your panic. Stay calm and everything will be alright. 

Fixing Brake Related Problems

If the car has come to a complete stop, and you’re wondering what to do, it’s worth finding a reliable workshop to take a look at the issue. Accept that the car will need to be towed, and don’t try to play the expert, but keep the information you’ve learned here in mind. If you’re wondering where to turn to, you can try giving Safety Brake & Clutch a call. They will be able to assist with any problem associated with your brakes, considering they are industry specialists, and you’ll be on your way again sooner rather than later. Good luck!