An Overview of the EBC Brakes Range

If you’re starting to hear those “delightful” screeches when you bring your car to a halt at a stop street or robot, it may be time to consider some replacement brakes. But where to begin? For many of us, the first step is to send the car to the shop, and to pay for whatever the technician recommends. But what if you could empower yourself to know more, to be able to hold a conversation in the process, and also to give yourself the best shot at a high quality product that won’t break the bank? We’ve been exploring a range of brake part providers, and today, EBC is under the spotlight. We’ll have a look at their beginnings, consider the importance of a good brake system, as well as explore their range of products, to help you make more informed decisions as you move forward.

A Brief History of EBC

Unlike many large manufacturers, surprisingly, EBC is still privately owned to this day. Having started their journey in the brake component market in the early 1980’s in Europe, they expanded to the US within the same decade, ultimately leading them to supply products to the African market too. As the years have gone by, they’ve developed somewhat of a niche in the high performance race brake pads market, as well as in supplying disc/rotors through a host of international trademarks in their name. This aside, these guys are groundbreakers in providing Eco Friendly products to the market, with their Ultimax 2 brake material essentially eliminating all heavy metals and sulfides. When the product launched, they got a lot of kudos from a lot of people around the world, which has helped to solidify them as a prominent manufacturer in the brake game.

The Importance of a Good Braking System

Before we explore the range of brakes offered by EBC, it’s important to touch base on why a good brake system is so important. As a central component of any vehicle, the brake system allows for the car to come to a complete standstill, not only during regular driving, but in higher risk situations such as peak hour traffic, and also in an emergency situation resulting from human error (like someone running a red light, or failing to stop at an intersection). Having a brake system in place that not only brings your vehicle to a standstill in the shortest amount of time, but does so with minimum disruption or injuries to the passengers, is something that should be a paramount consideration when it comes to the vehicle you buy, but also, in how you maintain your brakes over the years of wear and tear as you clock up the kilometers. 

Products in the EBC Brake Range

EBC, for one, has an incredibly interesting looking range of brake pads, which is not something often said about these types of products. Their pads come in a range of different colours, making them a bit more distinctive than those of their competitors. Their brake rotors look sleek and sophisticated, in particular their sport rotors, which are designed for heavier use. Let’s explore some of the products in their range, for you to have a look at:

    • EBC Ultimax Brake Pads, which are a higher end range in a fairly competitive price range.
    • The Color Range, including EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads, EBC Redstuff Brake Pads, EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads, EBC Bluestuff Brake Pads and EBC Orangestuff Brake Pads. Who said brake pads can’t look good?
  • EBC Premium Brake Rotors, which are fairly standard, and good for the average consumer.
  • EBC GD Sport Rotors, which not only look like they are designed with a leaning towards the future, but also come with a series of bells and whistles.

Where To Go When You Want Some New Brakes

If you’ve been enticed to consider EBC brakes, get in touch with Safety Brake & Clutch about it. With decades of experience and providing only the highest quality products to the automotive industry, these guys are the specialists you need regardless of whether you’re looking for new brake parts, or even just want to consider a service down the line. They’re more than happy to answer questions you may have, and it’s worth calling them before you make any kind of purchasing decision. Here’s to your safety, and the consistent maintenance of your “baby”.