All You Need to Know About the Luk Clutches Range

For the average consumer, getting the right clutch for their vehicle, especially when it is a replacement part, will be largely down to the opinion of the mechanic who is doing the job. In most cases, people are looking for an affordable and quick solution, and are rarely bothered with the types of products on the market. When it comes to an investment like your vehicle, which is a longer term financial commitment, it’s very important to do your research and explore all maintenance options. LuK, for example, is a brand to explore, as it is a commonly known supplier in South Africa. Today, we’ll explore their range, getting a better sense of the products they offer, as well as equipping you with some knowledge for the next time your car is in the workshop.

History of the Luk Clutch Group

Started in Germany back in the mid 1960’s, the LuK Group quickly transformed into a leading supplier for the European market. Today, these guys are a global conglomerate, providing a range of car parts and products to markets all over the world. Having started off with a single base in Buehl, they now have facilities across the five continents, with their emergence in the United States (and subsequent boost in popularity) only becoming more prominent in the early 1980s. Luk also holds more than a thousand patents in the field of drivetrain technology, expanding their offerings and solidifying their hold as a company that is here to stay in the long run.

Types of Products in the Luk Clutch Range

LuK Africa is one of the largest manufacturers of clutches in the country Reason being, that they were one of the first suppliers in the market that conformed to the earlier rigid international manufacturing industry standards, giving them a head start on their competition, which was happy to produce lower quality products at a faster turnaround time. A couple of their most popular products include the following:

  • Clutch systems, including dual mass flywheel, clutch discs, clutch pressure plates and clutch release systems. Some of their more widely used products include the ISO 9002 and QS 9000, and both are worth exploring when you’re talking to an automotive technician. 
  • Components for transmission, including continuously variable and automatic transmissions.
  • Dampers, including balance shaft, internal crankshaft, and dual mass flywheel.
  • A range of tractor products, with options for single and double clutches, clutch discs and even hydraulic clutch slave cylinders. 

Getting Your Car’s Clutch Needs Met

Whether you’re looking for a replacement product, a new product, or to simply have your clutch serviced, it’s important that you consider a provider that will not only give you the information you need and encourage you to get a few opinions, but also someone that promises to deliver service efficiently and with total support and transparency. Safety Brake & Clutch, which works in the broader Gauteng area, are the perfect fit for getting your needs met. Specialising in brakes and clutches, as well as general consulting on improvements and repairs to your vehicle, these guys have a long history of providing great service, and better yet, doing so with a smile. If you’re exploring the LuK clutch range, or just wanting to ask a couple more questions, we’d highly recommend contacting them as a good place to start.