A Guide to Sachs Power Clutches

If you’ve been following our blogs recently, you will have already known that we are in the process of exploring a range of clutch products, in an effort to provide you with more information for when you next have to get your clutch serviced or replaced. Too many consumers are comfortable with accepting any clutch type, as long as the problem is fixed, yet in the process they remain unaware of the various product types out there, that can not only save them some money, but may well also be a better fit for the longevity of their vehicle. In this economy, every cent we spend matters, so it’s best to equip ourselves with as much information as possible. Previously, we had a look at LuK clutches, and today, we’ll consider their rival, namely, the Sachs Group. 

About Sachs

As with many top car component providers, these guys had their start in Germany. Going as far back to Schweinfurt in 1895, Sachs started as a small, but popular family business. Formally known as ZF Sachs AG, but also widely known as Fichtel & Sachs, the company has gone through a host of changes over time, including making the move from independent private business, to global public conglomerate. Over time, and with experience, they’ve developed their expertise and upped the production of the clutches to the point where they are now providing product options to passenger vehicles, as well as heavy goods vehicles. They’ve even taken some of their parts to the racetrack, in an attempt to penetrate another lucrative market, and are doing so rather successfully, we might add.  

What is a Power Clutch?

Sachs is a manufacturer of a power clutch, which is a special type of clutch that we’d like to focus on today. In a nutshell, a power clutch is designed to withhold higher strength and heat, as is commonly required in racing and street vehicles. In using a power clutch, there is a better transfer of power from the engine to the transmission, to allow for a further transfer of the vehicle’s horsepower to drive the wheels, which essentially results in the car driving faster. Power clutches are popular in manual vehicles, but not so much in automatic transmissions. In a manual transmission, power from the engine’s rotations will only be transmitted when the clutch is engaged with the engine’s flywheel directly from the transmission. In essence, if the car is in the right gear, and the revs are maintained at proper speed, the clutch acts as a coupling agent for the engine and transmission, resulting in more power.

Exploring the Sachs Power Clutch Range

Sachs has a wide range of products, including performance clutch kits, performance coil over suspensions, performance shock absorber and dampers, release forks, dual mass flywheels, dampers for buses, as well as machinery used in the agricultural industry. With continuous development work and testing, as well as international certifications, it’s no surprise that Sachs offers a range of products that are appreciated by consumers all around the world. 

We explored a couple of their power clutches, which are vehicle specific and range anywhere from R10 000 to R50 000. Priced from lowest to highest, these are some of the most interesting products in their range, that you should enquire about if you’re in the market for something new:


  • Sachs High Power Clutch Disc
  • Sachs High Power Pressure Plate
  • Sachs Organic Clutch Kit
  • Sachs Stage 1 Sport Clutch Kit


Keeping Your Options Open

When it comes to buying any clutch, and especially a power clutch, it’s important to keep your options open and to do enough research about the product before you buy. A power clutch is a great idea if your needs depend on speed and power, but keep in mind, that these products are a little more pricey and one could consider them a little harder to maintain. Safety Brake & Clutch loves to answer questions about brakes and clutches, and will be able to tell you more about what you may need, as well as recommending the correct product to you. Whether interested in Sachs, LuK or another manufacturer, talk to the team about the range they import directly, and be frank with them about your budget in the initial conversation. All-in-all, a power clutch may be the way to go, and these guys will help you get equipped faster than other companies in the greater Johannesburg area.