Everything To Know About Clutch Reconditioning

When it comes to car maintenance, many of us are apprehensive to book our services to maintain individual parts, as it tends to be an expensive process, especially if you don’t have an active warranty, service or maintenance plan. But what do you do when a key component of the operation of a car — the clutch, for example — is showing signs of wear & tear? Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have the clutch replaced. Clutch reconditioning is something you should talk to a trusted specialist about as a potential option to resolve any problems you may be experiencing.

What is Clutch Reconditioning?

If you’ve never heard of Clutch Reconditioning, don’t worry, this is not entirely uncommon. Many people assume that fixing a component of a car requires new parts to be fitted, which is not always the case. Clutch Reconditioning is essentially an additional layer of maintenance done on the components of your clutch, essentially, servicing the components attached, without having to do a total replacement. Not only is this kind of maintenance good in terms of longer-term wear-and-tear, but it has some other benefits to consider, which well detail further below.

Why Clutch Reconditioning is Worth Considering

First and foremost, rather than just blindly switching the old clutch out for a new one, a technician will be forced to take a look at all the parts associated with the operation of the clutch, potentially spotting other problems that may arise, and providing alternate solutions that may well benefit the longer-term maintenance of the car. 

Another important factor is the price. Clutch reconditioning, if the workshop has the correct servicing kit, can cost roughly a third of the price of total replacement, which makes a big difference if you’re on a limited budget. While getting a new part does give people peace of mind, there is no need to replace a trusty piece of equipment, just because it needs a bit of extra TLC, and also when it can save you a lot of money, to be used on your next service. 

While generally a good option to go with, we should also look at a possible downside of reconditioning, in that it may take a little longer than a simple replacement of the part.  If you’re patient enough and happy with the price offered by the technician, don’t rush the process, and appreciate the fact that your part will be just like new when you get your car back and get back onto the road. 

I’m in. Where Can I Get My Clutch Reconditioned?

Clutch reconditioning is a specialist driven (don’t be like one of those guys on the internet trying to DIY the process, especially if you have no experience in the field), so you should make sure that you can depend on your technician to have the correct tools, and to be able to do the job both correctly, and in a timely fashion. 

At Safety Brake & Clutch you don’t have to worry about the process. The Gauteng based company, which services hundreds of customers each year, is the first place to have a conversation about reconditioning and whether it is an option for you. Go in with an open mind, and you can rest assured that if it isn’t, and if you have to replace the clutch altogether, you’ve gotten the expert advice you can trust, while solving your problem in the process.