Everything to Know About Brake Reconditioning

The next time your brakes start showing signs of wear and tear, your mind does not need to go straight to how much it is going to cost to have them replaced. Another option to consider, if this is a viable, safe solution suggested by an expert technician, is to consider brake reconditioning which offers you a different solution to many of the common problems associated with brakes, at a couple of extra benefits, which we will discuss here. 

Brake Reconditioning: The Basics

Brake reconditioning refers to the process of servicing (refurbishing, if you will) the components attached to your brakes, in order for them to operate at a higher level. It is a form of brake maintenance, providing an alternate solution than simply buying new parts for your car whenever something starts to show signs of struggle. 

There are multiple types of brake reconditioning services depending on the workshop you visit and the tools they have, some of which include the following:

  • Replacing springs, pipes, and cables that may be causing bigger problems you are unaware of;
  • Looking at the wheel cylinders and considering the effect they have on operations of the vehicle;
  • Caliper reconditioning, which is good for the overall maintenance of the car;
  • Drum skimming, which helps with worn brakes, prolonging the lifespan of the brakes and essentially creating a new surface from which the brakes “operate”;
  • Disk skimming, which allows you to correct common problems associated with noise, rust, brake shudder and more. This is perhaps one of the more important aspects of brake reconditioning and something you should ask about ahead of your next service too, to get the most out of it.

Why Brake Reconditioning Comes Highly Recommended 

Brake Reconditioning comes highly recommended for a variety of reasons, including increasing the lifespan of your brakes, assisting with longer-term maintenance of a crucial component of your vehicle, as well as financial considerations. It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to replace the brakes in your car (something that many people seem to have an incorrect assumption about). 

Brake Reconditioning also allows for a thorough investigation into all aspects built into the operations of the car, rather than just seeking to apply a quick fix by replacing individual parts in the short term. While it may take a little longer to undergo this kind of service, it’s worth the wait and you will essentially be improving the quality of the parts, making them more susceptible to any problems that may arise in the future, and getting to most value from the parts you’ve already paid for.

Sounds Good. Where Can I Get My Brakes Reconditioned?

You wouldn’t trust a stranger with the maintenance of your health, so why do the same with the health of your vehicle? We’ve done some research, and it’s safe to say that Safety Brake & Clutch in Johannesburg offers one of the most comprehensive, vast, and affordable brake reconditioning services in the country. They offer more than just reconditioning: you’re guaranteed to receive service with a smile too.