Common Problems with Car Clutches

An essential part of good car maintenance involves ensuring that the key components are well looked after at all times. While some of the bigger engine components often get the most recognition as the parts to keep an eye on, often a forgotten part used during every trip, only gets considered after its too late. The clutch, which is used multiple times each time you travel in your vehicle, needs to be properly maintained, especially so because it also affects the overall operational capability of the car in a big way.

But Why Does The Clutch Give Problems Over Time?

As with anything that gets used repeatedly (consider that the clutch, for example, is in use each time you change gears), wear and tear is a natural after-effect. A simple calculation estimates that the clutch can easily be used hundreds of times in a day, even on just a couple of short trips. While driving becomes second nature to us the more we do it, we also tend to forget about how much we rely on the gearbox, brake, accelerator and clutch each day, as we go about our business. That’s why it is essential for you to consider just how much energy you’re putting into the long term maintenance plan for these parts. 

Common Clutch Problems To Look Out For

While there is a range of problems to look out for, the following are the most common and should give you an idea that something is not quite right:


  • The clutch does not disengage: when you press the clutch while approaching a stop, the car doesn’t disengage as it is supposed to;
  • Conversely, the clutch may also not engage: when you press the clutch, it slips for a moment, likely as a result of being worn out, or if the vehicle is operating under a heavy load;


  1. There is a squeal or rumble when you press the clutch;
  2. Rattle or clicking can be heard while the clutch is disengaged;
  3. You experience high pedal effort, implying numerous possibly faulty parts, or the need for better lubrication; 
  4. The clutch does not return when you press it down.

What To Do When You Notice Clutch Problems

It’s never too late to speak to a specialist if you experience any of the problems listed here, or if you have a hunch that your clutch may be close to being totally worn out. With an important part like the clutch, it is better to speak to a specialist, rather than trying to diagnose the problem yourself. At Safety Brake & Clutch in Johannesburg, the team has a proven track record, they explore all possible scenarios around your problem, and provide an efficient response and solutions to your needs. 

The clutch is not a part to skimp on when it comes to the maintenance of your car, so do the right thing and make sure that it remains in tip-top condition, in an effort to bring you peace of mind on your next trip to the supermarket, or any upcoming vacation travel.